Taking Care of Your Travel Needs

Sign up for an Account with Lynch Taxis

At Lynch Taxis, we have worked closely with many organisations around the Greater Manchester area for more than 35 years. During this time, we have built extensive experience that helps us to understand the needs and expectations of our account customers. What’s more, we have developed an excellent working relationship with all of our account customers, to the degree that many organisations have held accounts with us for many years.

As an account customer, all of the jobs you book on our system receive a higher priority over cash customers. This means that, even at our busiest times, your booking will go to top of the list. Additionally, you, your staff, and your clients will not need to pay for the taxi by cash - we will bill you within 10 days. Our invoice formats are designed for customer flexibility, and they can include any information you require, such as names, times, cost centres, requisition numbers, and the name of the person that made the booking.

An Effective Operating System

Convenient E-Booking

Lynch Taxis offers all of our account customers an e-booking service that allows them to book jobs directly into our system. The system is set up to allow the user to log in to the system using a unique password and edit or cancel pre-booked jobs. The status of jobs can also be viewed, and the system will tell the user when a job has been dispatched.

The system allows the user to specify the type of vehicle they require, e.g. taxi, minicoach, executive vehicle, or wheelchair access vehicle. It also enables you to specify the capacity of the vehicle, e.g. 4-seat taxi or 24-seat minibus. Finally, the system gives the user a permanent record of all jobs booked; information that can be exported for invoicing or analysis.